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We, at Willowton Meats, are honoured that you're taking the time to learn more about our family butcher shop. We want you to feel as satisfied purchasing the finest and freshest meats from us. For over 10 years, Maritzburg's elite have trusted the Willowton family to be their source for the finest quality meat products coupled with old-fashioned, personalized customer service.

Whether we're recommending a particular cut, suggesting a recipe, or sharing cooking tips, our goal is to provide every customer with a peak dining experience, each time you purchase from us. With the Willowton Meats online presence, we can now extend our signature quality, service, and selection to even more customers.

We are proud to offer high-prime cut beef, lamb, heritage meats, and specialty products. To ensure optimum flavour and freshness, each order is hand-cut, individually vacuum-sealed, securely packed, and delivered... fresh from our store to your door.
Enjoying the best meat available is one of life's great pleasure. From the moment you receive your order, to the moment you lift the last delectable morsel from your plate. As you unseal your order, the meat will bloom. That is, develop its full colour, beef and lamb to a rosy red. A closer look reveals the delicate marbling, and any visible fat will be firm and creamy white. Both marbling and colour are characteristic of the finest meats available. Prepare your selection ... whatever suits the occasion ... family meals, celebratory entertaining, or summertime alfresco dining. First, the aroma will capture your senses.  With knife in hand, feel the gentle yielding as you slice 'and then your first bite.

You'll see why we say: Tasting is believing. That's the taste of over 100 years of combined Willowton family experience as renowned practitioners of the butcher's art and purveyors of the finest meat available anywhere ... at any price.

Loyal, attentive service to each customer is a value that has been passed from one generation of the family to the next. You can expect the highest level of personal assistance when shopping at Willowton Meats. You can also contact us directly via e-mail through our customer feedback form and be assured of a prompt response to your inquiry. As you shop with us regularly, we will become familiar with your individual preferences, the cuts of meat you love, as well as the recipes and menus you might enjoy. You can depend on us for superior service and the best meats money can buy. This is our promise to you.

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Product Range
View our very large product range below, made to suit your needs best!

Assorted Nuts
Butter Biscuits
Butter Pastry
Cheddar Cheese
Chicken Samoosa
Chilli Pastrami
Gouda Cheese
Ground Garlic
Homemade Sauce
Lemon & Herb
Lime Pickle
Mango Pickle
Mince Roti
Nandos Sauces
Pizza Base
Pre cooked Roti
Steers Sauce
Stewing Beef
Supreme Lites
Topside Steak
Chicken Backs
Chicken and Mushroom
Chicken and Veg
Cocktail Sausages
Crystal Sauce
Cubed Chicken Fillet
Curried Steak
Exotic Foods
Extra Hot Chicken Loaf
Jumbo Eggs
Leg Lamb Roast
Methi Roti
Mutton Swiss Roll
Peppered Steak
Peri Peri Steak
Potato Samoosa
Samoosa pur
Sheep Head
Spice Veg
Spinach Patha
Spring Roll
Spring Roll Large
Steak for Pies
Veg Pickle
BBQ Braai Pack
Burger Loaf
Chicken Delights
Chicken Pepper
Chicken Wings
Chicken and Mushroom
Chilli Salami
Dry Fruit Pickle
Frying Steak
Garlic Naan
Mince Samoosa
Mixed Veg Patties
Mutton Pepper
Mutton Salt Meat
Pickle Loaf
Pressed Chicken
Puff Pastry
Sheep Tripe
Spiced Murkoo
Square Samoosa
Veg Samoosa
Assorted Spices
Chicken Fingers
Chicken Lollies
Chicken Peri Peri Pies
Chicken and Mushroom Pies
Fresh Duck
Masala Chicken Sausages
Masala Mutton Pattie
Mince Pies
Mutton Curry
Mutton Curry Pies
Patha Spring Roll
Pepper Steak
Polony Spring Roll
Roast Beef
Salt and Pepper Sausages
Salt and Pepper Wors
Smoked Chicken Fillets
Spicy Bombay Sausages
Steak and Kidney Pies
T-Bone Steak
Willow Cheese Griller
Willow Chop D/L

Bones for Dogs
Cocktail Pickle
Mexican Chicken
Lamb Sajer
Lamb Rogan Josh
Steak Spring Roll
Vegetable Spring Roll
Chicken Spring Roll
Chilli Paprika
Steak Croissants
Chicken Croissants
Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread Mini
Jalapeno Roll
Jalapeno Mini
Naan Khatai
Fish Kebaabs
Tandoori Chicken
Cheese Puff
Cheese Roll
Crown Lamb Roast
Cocktail Mutton Patties
Tomato Pizza Base
Polony Subs
Mutton Bangers
Chicken Hot Wings
Cocktail Viennas
Mutton Delights
Garlic Loaf
Mutton Mince
Steak Buns
Mini Steak Pizza
Mini Polony Pizza
Chicken Subs
Steak Subs
Chicken Tortilla
Steak Tortilla
Chicken Pies
Fresh Dates
Cheese Pizza
Salajees Chicken
Ginger and Garlic
Steak Cup Pies
Chicken Cup Pies
Chicken Breast
Skinless Chicken
Chicken Fillets
Chicken Mince
Sheep Tongue
Topside Mince
Cornish Hens
BBQ Chicken
Thigh and Drumsticks
Chicken Thighs
Marinated Chops
Marinated Spare Ribs
Marinated Minute Steak
Chicken Braai Pack
Beef Olives
Ox Tongue
Ox Liver
Ox Tail
Salt Beef
Beef Wors
Chicken Fillets C/Lots
Minute Steak
Salt Meat
Beef Sosaties
Cocktail Mutton Sausages
Garlic Polony
French Polony
Egg Pepper
Meat Loaf
Chilli Loaf
Mutton Patties
Sikh Kebabs
Chicken Polony
Chicken Loaf
Chicken Salami
Beef Sausages
C/Chicken Sikh
Masala Chicken Fillet
Chicken Meat Balls
Chicken Sosaties

Chicken Hollywood
Chicken Cheese
Mutton Meatballs
Chicken Viennas
Chicken Sikh
Chicken Patties
Chicken Sausages
Cocktail Mutton Sikh
Mutton Wors
Sheep Lites
Lamb Sosaties
Cheese and Corn
Steak Samoosa
Rump Steak
Stewing Lamb
Loin Chops
Chicken Sosaties
Mini Steak Pizza
Mini Polony Pizza
Chicken Subs
Steak Subs
Chicken Tortilla
Steak Tortilla
Chicken Pies
Crown Lamb Roast
Lemon & Herb Chicken Sosaties
Silverside Eye
Sausage Rolls
Lamb Tails
Cheese Spread
Assorted Oils
Assorted Sauces
Willow Spare Ribs
Smoked Viennas
Mini Chicken Pizza
Mutton Dry Wors
Chicken Pizza
Polony Pizza
Steak Pizza
Mini Chicken Salami
Mini Salami
Rolled Lamb
Spicy Chicken Bites
Rolled Spice Lamb
Chicken Cheese Olives
Salted Ox Tongue
Steak Patties
Dagwood Chicken Patties
Pressed Mutton
Crumbed Breast
Cheese Loaf
Portuguese Chicken
Chicken Pickle Loaf
Melting Moments
Chicken Liver
Chicken Neck
Chicken Thighs
Mutton Loaf
Shami Chicken Kebab
Shami Mutton Kebab
Chicken Burger Loaf
BBQ Chops
Crumbed Fillet
Plain Sausage
Smoked Beef
Port. Lamb Ribs
Chicken Popcorn
Spiced Rolled Beef
Sheep Liver
Sheep Heart
Mild Mutton Sausages
Hot Mutton Sausages
Fillet Steak
Half Lamb
Chicken Buns
Dagwood Patties
BBQ Chicken Skinless
Leg of Lamb
Centre Lamb Leg
Best End Chops
Patha Roll
Stewing Beef
Short Ribs
Wing Ribs
Berwin Chicken Fillet
Baby T-Bone
Tenderised Steak
Steak Pies
Patha Pies

Innovative Products
Hollywood Chops
Chick Rounders
Texan Steaks
Willow Schnitzer
Crumbed Chicken
Pepper Cubed Biltong
Pressed Beef
Crumbed Drumsticks
Smoked Macon
Lamb StreaksPeri-Peri Shredded Biltong
Chicken Olives
Lamb Pin Wheel
Banger Sausages
Hot Masala Sausages
Peri-Peri Sticks Biltong
Mutton Macon
Lamb Olives
Chic Schnitzel
Pepper Shredded Biltong
Pepper Sticks Biltong
Peri-Peri Cubed Biltong

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033 342 5359 (Main Branch)
031 207 9437 (Durban Branch)
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519 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg /
202 Brickfield Road, Durban
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Willowton Meats, P.O Box 7869,
Cumberwood, Kwa Zulu Natal, 3235

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033 342 5359 (Main Branch) / 031 207 9437 (Durban Branch)
519 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg /
202 Brickfield Road, Durban
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Whether we're recommending a particular cut, suggesting a recipe, or sharing cooking tips, our goal is to provide every customer with a peak dining experience, each time you purchase from us.
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