Topside Steak

Stewing Beef

Gouda Cheese


Pizza Base

Pre cooked Roti

Butter Pastry


Lime Pickle

Chicken Samoosa

Homemade Sauce

Mango Pickle

Ground Garlic

Chilli Pastrami


Butter Biscuits

Steers Sauce

Nandos Sauces

Assorted Nuts


Cheddar Cheese

Supreme Lites

Cocktail Sausages

Chicken Backs

Spring Roll

Spring Roll Large

Potato Samoosa

Spinach Patha

Exotic Foods

Methi Roti

Mutton Swiss Roll

Steak for Pies

Peri Peri Steak

Leg Lamb Roast

Chicken and Mushroom

Spice Veg

Chicken and Veg

Curried Steak

Peppered Steak

Samoosa pur

Sheep Head

Cubed Chicken Fillet

Crystal Sauce

Extra Hot Chicken Loaf


Chilli Salami

Mixed Veg Patties

Frying Steak

Garlic Naan

Burger Loaf

Pickle Loaf

Mutton Salt Meat

BBQ Braai Pack

Chicken and Mushroom

Chicken Delights

Sheep Tripe

Pressed Chicken

Chicken Wings

Mince Samoosa



Square Samoosa

Puff Pastry

Mutton Pepper

Chicken Pepper

Veg Samoosa

Spiced Murkoo

Dry Fruit Pickle

Mint chutney

Veg Pickle

Jumbo Eggs

Mince Roti

Lemon & Herb

T-Bone Steak

Steak and Kidney Pies

Chicken and Mushroom Pies

Salt and Pepper Sausages

Spicy Bombay Sausages

Chicken Peri Peri Pies

Masala Mutton Pattie

Salt and Pepper Wors

Polony Spring Roll

Mutton Curry Pies

Patha Spring Roll

Chicken Fingers

Chicken Lollies

Mince Pies

Masala Chicken Sausages

Fresh Duck

Assorted Spices

Smoked Chicken Fillets

Pepper Steak

Mutton Curry

Willow Cheese Griller


Roast Beef

Willow Chop D/L

Bones for Dogs

Cocktail Pickle


Mexican Chicken

Lamb Sajer

Lamb Rogan Josh


Steak Spring Roll


Vegetable Spring Roll

Chicken Spring Roll

Chilli Paprika

Steak Croissants

Chicken Croissants

Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread Mini

Jalapeno Roll

Jalapeno Mini

Naan Khatai

Fish Kebaabs

Tandoori Chicken

Cheese Puff

Cheese Roll

Cocktail Mutton Patties

Tomato Pizza Base

Polony Subs

Mutton Bangers

Chicken Hot Wings

Cocktail Viennas

Mutton Delights

Garlic Loaf

Mutton Mince



Steak Buns

Mini Steak Pizza

Mini Polony Pizza

Chicken Subs

Steak Subs

Chicken Tortilla

Steak Tortilla

Chicken Pies

Fresh Dates

Cheese Pizza

Salajees Chicken

Ginger and Garlic

Steak Cup Pies

Crown Lamb Roast

Chicken Cup Pies


Chicken Breast

Skinless Chicken

Chicken Fillets

Chicken Mince

Sheep Tongue

Topside Mince

Cornish Hens

BBQ Chicken

Thigh and Drumsticks

Chicken Thighs

Marinated Chops

Marinated Spare Ribs

Marinated Minute Steak

Chicken Braai Pack

Beef Olives

Ox Tongue

Ox Liver

Ox Tail


Salt Beef

Beef Wors


Chicken Fillets C/Lots

Minute Steak

Salt Meat

Beef Sosaties

Cocktail Mutton Sausages



Garlic Polony

French Polony


Egg Pepper

Meat Loaf

Chilli Loaf

Mutton Patties

Sikh Kebabs


Chicken Polony

Chicken Loaf

Chicken Salami

Beef Sausages

C/Chicken Sikh

Masala Chicken Fillet

Chicken Meat Balls

Chicken Sosaties

Chicken Hollywood

Chicken Cheese

Mutton Meatballs

Chicken Viennas

Chicken Sikh

Chicken Patties

Chicken Sausages

Cocktail Mutton Sikh

Mutton Wors

Sheep Lites

Lamb Sosaties

Cheese and Corn

Steak Samoosa

Rump Steak

Stewing Lamb

Loin Chops

Chicken Sosaties

Mini Steak Pizza

Mini Polony Pizza

Chicken Subs

Steak Subs

Chicken Tortilla

Steak Tortilla

Chicken Pies

Crown Lamb Roast

Lemon & Herb Chicken Sosaties


Silverside Eye

Sausage Rolls

Lamb Tails

Cheese Spread

Assorted Oils

Assorted Sauces

Willow Spare Ribs

Smoked Viennas

Mini Chicken Pizza

Mutton Dry Wors

Chicken Pizza

Polony Pizza

Steak Pizza


Mini Chicken Salami

Mini Salami

Rolled Lamb

Spicy Chicken Bites

Rolled Spice Lamb

Chicken Cheese Olives


Salted Ox Tongue

Steak Patties

Dagwood Chicken Patties


Pressed Mutton

Crumbed Breast


Cheese Loaf

Portuguese Chicken

Chicken Pickle Loaf

Melting Moments

Chicken Liver

Chicken Neck

Chicken Thighs

Mutton Loaf

Shami Chicken Kebab

Shami Mutton Kebab

Chicken Burger Loaf

BBQ Chops

Crumbed Fillet

Plain Sausage

Smoked Beef

Port. Lamb Ribs


Chicken Popcorn

Spiced Rolled Beef

Sheep Liver

Sheep Heart

Mild Mutton Sausages

Hot Mutton Sausages

Fillet Steak



Half Lamb

Chicken Buns

Dagwood Patties

BBQ Chicken Skinless


Leg of Lamb

Centre Lamb Leg


Best End Chops

Patha Roll

Stewing Beef

Short Ribs

Wing Ribs

Berwin Chicken Fillet

Baby T-Bone

Tenderised Steak

Steak Pies

Patha Pies